Master of Business Administration (Colombo)-01


PIM pioneered the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme three decades ago, and has brought forward over three thousand business leaders. Today, it is the most sought-after MBA in Sri Lanka. PIM MBA is aimed at transforming practitioners into professional managers in a challenging, yet an enjoyable setting that enables a healthy work-life balance.

PIM MBA is constantly re-engineered based on evolving business needs and challenges, and is delivered through a best-in-class team of both academics and industry experts. Action-learning facilitated by assignments and project work helps students relate and apply the cutting-edge knowledge they gather to their world-of-work.

Within a period of two years, the programme moves logically and sequentially from courses on management foundations to integrative studies, followed by elective courses and a research project. For those who are academically bent, the thesis option is also available. The programme is structured on robust theoretical foundations and most up to-date practical applications. Its design caters very well to the busy working managers to get a rich learning experience that will transform them into outstanding leaders and achievers.

The premier MBA from PIM is practical, flexible and focused. This highly regarded full-time course has been designed to enhance your management career, helping you to reach new heights in business. It is the core degree programme of the Institute, the duration of which is two years. Organized into eight academic terms during this two-year period, the programme offers approximately 600 classroom interaction-hours and over 60 hours of faculty consultation on research, skills development, directed study and residential workshops. Since the degree requirements for group work, practical assignments, research and skills projects as well as examinations are comprehensive, the demand on students in terms of study hours is high.

MBA Learning Goals

PIM MBA graduates will be able to:

  1. Recognize the key knowledge, skills and attitudes at local and global level.
  2. Reflect with critical thinking and analysis in solving business – related problems.
  3. Reach public and private organizations through team participation.
  4. Realize the importance of economic and ecological concerns and the humane aspects of business activities.
  5. Reinforce integrity and ethics in being conscious of values when decisions are made.

Time Tables

The academic year is organized on a term basis. The duration of a term is three months.
MBA offered in Colombo will have Weekday/Weekend options as follows:

  1.  Week-day Option: Three days per week (5.45 pm - 8.45 pm).
  2.  Week-end Option: Three, three hour sessions (8.00 am onwards)

Who Can Apply

Eligibility to apply for admission to the MBA Degree programme is determined according to the following criteria:

  1. One of the following qualifications:
    1. A Bachelor’s Degree, from a recognized university with at least a second class (upper division) pass, in business/public administration/commerce/management studies.
    2. A Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university, and at least three years’ work experience in a managerial capacity at an organization acceptable to the Institute or teaching/research experience relevant to the programme of study.
    3. A professional qualification recognized by the Institute as being equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree of a university, and three years’ work experience in a managerial capacity at an organization acceptable to the Institute, or teaching/research experience relevant to the programme of study.
    4. Senior managers, entrepreneurs and researchers whose age is above 35 years, and who have an exceptional and outstanding track record. In this category, the Institute will adopt special procedures for the determination of eligibility for selection as the number of places allocated in the programme is limited. Any candidate applying under the “Mature Student” Category, purely on experience, must submit a separate report not exceeding 1000 words indicating their career achievements, and rationalizing the reasons as to why they deserve to be considered for admission.
  2. A good knowledge of English is compulsory.

Assessment of Applicants

Admission to the Institute’s programmes of study is competitive. PIM will assess the level of analytical skills, proficiency of English by way of an aptitude test to select the applicants.

The admission procedure includes three steps of evaluation:

  1. Review and assessment of application and qualifications
  2. Admission test (Aptitude test)
  3. Interview

Applications and Fees

Applications must be submitted on-line through

Once the on-line application is received, the Institute will inform the applicant his or her eligibility for the programme. An application processing and admission test fee (applicable only for MBA offered in Colombo) of Rs. 1,500 must be paid thereafter. The fee applicable to the MBA 2022-2023 programme offered in Colombo is Rs. 600,000. This fee could be paid in instalments within the two-year study period. The fee once paid is not refundable.
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